We believe in natural skincare.

Skin is our most extensive organ, also recognized as our third brain and like a "porous blanket" that covers our body.

That's why we need to nourish it with natural ingredients that our system can recognize and assimilate.

This way, we won’t generate metabolic waste that could have a negative impact on our health and on the luminosity of our skin, causing epidermal stress that can lead to dark spots and epithelial micro fissures.

The continuous use of Palearis organic skincare can help prevent this.

We employ cold-process production, thereby preserving and enhancing the properties of all of our ingredients, allowing our skin to more effectively absorb them.

Our cold-process production also helps minimize energy consumption, and it’s clearly in harmony with Environmental Sustainability for farming, production, marketing and distribution strategies.

More than natural, we are organic.

Our products are top-level certified organic by NATRUE, an international seal with strict criteria that guarantee the highest organic standards.

No artificial coloring or fragrances are ever added, keeping our products free of harmful ingredients (GMO's, pesticides, insecticides, parabenes...) right from the farming stage.

Our packaging guarantees product preservation and effectiveness.

We avoid the use of jars in order to prevent contamination and damage caused by environmental agents or simple contact.

We formulate our products with a high concentration of active principles, found mostly in the biogeographic region of Castile.

We believe that using active floral substances from the same ecosystem generate synergies that increase the effectiveness of their properties on our skin. We always take this into account for all our formulations.


... and of course, we believe in ageless beauty.