The goal of Palearis Organics is to achieve conscious beauty by feeding our skin in a healthy way; making it look radiant and luminous. Our unique formulations are packed with high-quality ingredients, boosting epidermic cell self-activation and preventing over-saturation of inorganic substances, which are difficult for our skin to absorb.


Our products have the highest level of certification granted by NATRUE (True Friends of Natural Cosmetics), an international reference for producers of authentic Organic Cosmetics due to their strict certification criteria.

The ESENCIAL Cosmetic Line features Concentrated Facial Emulsions whose formulation is designed to effectively moisturize and nourish your skin in a non-aggressive and natural way.

Combined in unique formulations based on floral and apiculus extracts present in Castilian Botany, and containing excellent skincare properties of ecological origin, ESENCIAL meets the specific needs of your skin.

ESENCIAL has three different formulations:

VIVIFYING, formulated to stimulate the skin by activating its microcirculation. The benefits are twofold: it mobilizes active principles by increasing their absorption and it eliminates accumulated detritus in the dermis.+

SOOTHING, formulated to calm and restore the skin against daily damage due to aggressive environmental factors. It’s ideal in promoting skin regeneration during the natural sleep cycle, and particularly suited to sensitive skin and for applying after exposure to the sun.+

ESENCIAL FOR MEN, formulated specifically for men's skin. It has a light, non-greasy texture that moisturizes, nourishes and absorbs easily into the skin, providing perfect toning and vasoprotective results to help alleviate irritation from shaving.+ 

Our PURIFYING CLEANSER completes the daily routine of facial care. The combination of Hyssop and Spanish Marjoram cleans efficiently, while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.+

Palearis’ natural fragrances will transport you to the noble fields of Castile.