Palearis comes from the Latin word palea, which means "hay" and it was in an old hayloft in a Castilian village, Braojos de la Sierra, where our project was born.

Another Castilian village, Cabanillas de la Sierra, is home to our production center. Both villages are located in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range of Spain.

Palearis was founded by Elena de Mingo Montealegre and Mónica Montealegre, partners and also cousins. 

Elena is an Environmental Biologist, disciple of the prestigious ecologist Mr. González Bernáldez, Botanical expert and Beekeeping Researcher with many years of experience studying and developing organic formulations for skincare. A long-time advocate for natural living and local traditions, she has led many sustainable rural initiatives, such as the Sierra del Rincón project, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. 

Mónica studied Law and specialized in Human Resources management. After two decades working in the corporate world in Spain and in the United States, she took her business experience and partnered with Elena to bring Palearis to life.

And it’s Castile -Castilla- our main source of inspiration. Located in the heart of Spain, it means Land of Castles. Brimming with history and amazing landscapes, not only does Castile offer soap, but it's also a great source for natural ingredients that we incorporate into our products. 

So, that's our story.

Welcome to Palearis!